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10 of the coolest Tech Gadgets to be released in 2021! 

Latest tech gadgets in 2021

One decade ago, 4G was the hot new thing, TVs were ugly, and everyone’s cell phones slid open. Just imagine what the next ten years will bring. If we really live up to our innovation potential, it’ll be a slew of technologies that successfully yank humanity away from the precarious edge it is teetering upon. You know, the one where we’re about to plunge into irreversible global disaster, AI super-surveillance, and digital inequality. A dark outcome, to be sure! Let’s reign in the doom and gloom for a second though we know, easier said than done and focus on the now. 

Over the past year, start-up’s and massive corporations alike have kept up the tempo of new releases. Despite the pandemic, there are new gadgets to ooh and ahh and damnnn over, from the outlandish to the high-concept to the downright handy. 

Here are 10 of the most coolest tech gadgets to be released in 2021 that we’ve seen. 

  1. Sony Spatial Reality Display

The Sony Spatial Reality Display is a truly innovative gadget. Providing a lifelike three-dimensional viewing experience, this 3D display has integrated eye-sensing technology. Using this, the new Sony Spatial Reality Display detects where your eyes are to adjust the 3D image to each one. In fact, with its high-speed vision sensor, it tracks your eye movement within a millisecond. Amazingly, it can also sense your pupil position on the vertical, horizontal, and depth axes. Made with a real-time rendering algorithm, it processes content without any lag so your three-dimensional worlds appear just as real as the one you’re in. 

  1. 9.Puppy Hachi Infinite M1 Projector

Projector hype was at an all-time high this year, with people tricking out their backyards and living rooms after the mass closing of movie theatres. Projectors can get complicated, though, needing tons of cables and plugs to hook up what you’re trying to project. The Hachi Infinite solves that problem with a full Android tablet system built in for app downloads like Netflix and Hulu, saving you the irritation of trying to get a USB-C to HDMI or whatever. What makes the Infinite even more special is its touch sensitivity. When flipped horizontally, the projector functions normally onto a wall or sheet, but when flipped vertically, it creates a touchscreen tablet made of light on any surface. Use it to follow recipes on your counter, or to dive into some truly amazing gaming experiences and learning exercises. Or, create a tablet workspace right on an office desk. The touch functionality is beyond easy to use. 

  1. 8.Arc SoundbarSONOS 

This is a soundbar. Standard enough, you’d think. But it’s the most badass soundbar out there right now. The design, in traditional Sonos fashion, is so well done that the Arc actually adds a purposeful design aesthetic to your TV setup. That’s not even getting started on the sound itself. The quality of this thing is amazing, as if you turned your living room into an IMAX theatre with Dolby audio, and sometimes even better. It also works as a smart speaker for Spotify and the new Sonos radio stations (the Brittany Howard channel is to die for), and it’ll calibrate based on your room for optimal acoustics. The Arc will completely transform your TV experience. 

  1. 7.Zoox Autonomous Personal Vehicle

The Zoox Autonomous Personal Vehicle is a new way to hail rides. This personal transportation vehicle is designed to make the future safer, more fun, and cleaner for everyone. In fact, this on-demand autonomous taxi takes care of navigating through traffic while you sit back and relax on your journey. Designed with a spacious interior cabin with two benches, the Zoox autonomous vehicle ensures everyone inside has the same amount of comfort and space. No more asking the person in front to move up their seat. 

  1. 6.Alpha 7C Mirrorless Digital CameraSONY 

Here’s a bullshit saying you’ve no doubt heard: “The best camera is the one you have with you.” No, in actuality the best camera is the one you can use effectively. For most of us, that means the shooter that comes loaded on our smartphones, which to be fair, usually isn’t bad. These cameras take passable photos that only need a bit of editing before posting to the ‘Gram. But what if you wanted to capture images (and movies!) that are more stunning, dynamic, and beautiful? Friends, you’d want Sony’s Alpha 7C digital camera at your side. This 24.2-megapixel, full-frame digital camera can, at least for now, claim the mantle of the world’s smallest and lightest. Multiple features abound like shutter units, a five-axis, in-body stabilization, and the smallest and lightest zoom lens on the planet. “But what if I don’t know how to shoot something this complex?” That’s okay! The automatic functions in the 7C make it fairly idiot proof. You can start point and shooting, and then as you learn more about the camera, steadily and dramatically improve your picture creation game. And that bullshit thing about the best camera always being with you? There will be a twinge of truth to it, because you’ll never want to put the 7C down. 

  1. RazerBlade 15 Base Edition Small Gaming Laptop 

The Razer Blade 15 Base Edition Small Gaming Laptop features a 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor to deliver smooth gaming, even when streaming. This processor minimizes interruptions and allows you to multitask for maximum performance. In fact, it comes with the Windows 10 Home operating system, so you can also use the Razer Blade 15 Base Edition for work. And this specification is complemented with 16 GB RAM, allowing you to run even the most demanding games and applications. 

  1. 4.Yeti USB MicBLUE 

You’re still talking through the built-in mic on your wired Apple headphones. It’s rough and rowdy. So get a damn mic. You’ll sound clearer, you won’t break up, and your whole video conference crew will thank you for it. There are a ton of microphones on the market, but the Yeti hits that sweet spot between being affordable and still packing quality. The mic is unobtrusive on a desk, requires little more than plugging it in and switching the input to use, and features several buttons to adjust your volume so you don’t blast through everyone else. It’ll amp up your digital sound quality tenfold. 

  1. 3.FR FRD Ultimate Dura-Ace Di2FELT 

There’s really only two ways to improve performance on a bicycle: increase power and cut weight. The power part comes down to what your legs can do through training, diet, and genetics. But for cutting weight? It’s hard to find a better bike than the Dura-Ace Di2. Made from the same carbon fiber used in Formula One cars and high-performance aircraft, the bike is incredibly light (it’s just a whiff over 15 pounds) and supremely responsive (the stiff frame has it cornering like a Porsche 911). More importantly, when you swing your leg over the bike you don’t feel as though you’re taking it for a ride. You feel like man and machine have bonded to become one. 

  1. 2.Pixel BudsGOOGLE 

Since the invention of AirPods, everyone’s been trying to get into the true wireless game. Well, last year Google had our favourite smart phone, and this year it came out swinging with its own take on wireless buds. The Pixel Buds are easily the most comfortable earbuds I’ve worn, and they have extensive versatility between phones and operating systems, as Google products normally do. The sound quality and battery life offer everything that you’d expect and more. They’ll seamlessly switch from music to video calls, and work pretty well to drown out background noise. The shell also holds a charge that lasts a good, long while. I never have to remember to charge these things, and they always seem to still be kicking. 

  1. 1.VaonisVespera Lightweight Telescope 

The Vaonis Vespera Lightweight Telescope suits all levels of astronomy enthusiasts. This compact and powerful exploration station is both a telescope and a camera. Reconnect with the stars, observe the cosmos, and share what you see with your family and friends. All you have to do is use the connected app to take your own photos of the moon, galaxies, nebulae, and more. This small telescope measures just 15 inches tall and weighs only 10 pounds, so it can fit in your backpack. It boasts a powerful optical design with zero distortion and a Sony sensor that’s designed for low-light conditions. 

Cool new technology reminds us that even as 2020 closes out, we humans can’t help but invent, grow, and change. It’s something bright worth keeping in mind. 

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