6 Steps How to Start an Online Shoe Store Business

If you’ve dreamed of starting an online shoe store business, then it’s time to start your own Zappos, Endless, or Piperlime website and sell women’s designer shoes online. Whether you have a passion for Crocs or LaCroix, or want to sell handmade shoes or sandals for the summer bathing season, here’s how to start an online shoe store and make your shoe business a reality.

How to Start an Online Shoe Store: A Complete Guide

Step 1

Write a business plan for your online shoe store. Decide what types of shoes you will offer for sale. Interview other successful online shoe retailers for advice on how to write a shoe sales business plan. Search the Small Business Administration website for sample business plans for your online shoe business.

Step 2

Register the domain name. Your domain name is an Internet property that your customers will use to buy shoes. To please the search engines and your customers, reserve a domain name that includes the words “online shoe store” to increase your SEO chances.

Step 3

Design your online store and get secure hosting. Buy a ready-made template for your shoe store or use a web designer who specializes in online retail sites. Make sure the retail website app you choose provides size options, shoe images, available colors, and product descriptions for online shoe customers.

Step 4

Get the state and local business requirements for your shoe store online. A retail shoe business, whether online or independent, must have a state sales tax and incorporation license and an EIN number. If you purchase merchandise from a shoe wholesaler, you will need to provide proof of a retail license, business account, and company documentation to complete a shoe order.

Step 5

Obtain shoe store merchandise through wholesalers and distributors. Find store closings on eBay. Check with online wholesalers to find out which shoe brands your ideal customer would buy online. Please contact shoe manufacturers directly to see if they will offer you a bulk order offer. Start with ten sizes per shoe style to ensure a diverse customer choice.

Step 6

Prepare for the customer service and shipping requirements of your online shoe store. Create a custom email address for customer complaints and issues. Check drop shipping rates or use FedEx or UPS for standard and next day shipping orders.

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