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Coffee Addicts Assemble! This Is Why We Love The Kenyan Coffee

As the second wave of the pandemic sweeps the country, in a gesture of solidarity, the Kenyan government has sent tons of coffee, tea and other consumables to frontline Covid-19 fighters as a way to provide a “refreshing break. “during these attempts. times. The East African country shipped 12 tons of its famous coffee and tea products along with locally produced peanuts, which were delivered to the Indian Red Cross. According to the Vice President of the Indian Red Cross Society (Maharashtra branch), Homi Khosrokhan, the donation is a symbol of sympathy for India, which is very comforting.

In honour of this sweet gesture, we have compiled a list of reasons of what makes Kenyan coffee so deeply loved by die-hard coffee addicts across the world:

1. Perfect habitat for coffee

Coffee beans thrive in a tropical environment with plenty of sunshine and plenty of water around. By this definition, Kenya has ideal growing conditions. The medium to high altitudes, lack of severe weather, and heavy rain throughout the year add to the flavor of the coffee.

2. One of the world’s five best coffees

Kenyan coffee has a deep flavor due to its rich texture, heavenly aroma, and high acidity. Something very unique to Kenya are raspberry tones. Not just any berry, black currants! The flavor combined with the acidity makes for a delicious cup of coffee in the morning or, of course, in the evening.

3. Immaculate Processing

Kenyan coffee beans are handled with the utmost care. It goes through a wet treatment that begins with harvesting the fruits once they are fully ripe. Even this process is done with thin hands to avoid bruising. It goes through a sifting process again to get rid of any damaged coffee cherries from the batch. If it still isn’t clear, the best coffee beans are the ones that make it to the coffee roaster.

4. Grading of beans

Kenyan coffee beans are sorted very meticulously. Since the lands produce different types and sizes of beans, a classification system helps keep these varieties under control. Larger, thicker, and denser beans are much more delicious, and seasoned coffee drinkers will know there is a difference. Therefore, the classification system is taken very seriously in Kenya.

There is a reason why Kenyan coffee is known as the “connoisseur’s cup”. The bold flavors and fruit undertones are almost unmatched. Only Ethiopian coffee comes close! It is also interesting to note that Kenya as a country relies more on tea than coffee. More for us to enjoy then!

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