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Google Search Trends in India on March 4, 2020, Explained: From Cryptocurrency to WhatsApp

Google Search Trends is a sneak peek into what’s currently grabbed the world’s attention, letting us take a look at what people are searching for through the world’s most popular search engine. Mountain View California provides daily and real-time search trends in the major areas where you operate. The data is insightful, but unfortunately, understanding why there is something in research is not always that easy. Here, we take a look at the best daily and real-time search trends in India, and put these search trends in context, which gives you a better understanding of what is going and why. Here are the best search trends in India today, from SK virus to WhatsApp.

1. Coronavirus – Coronavirus Bangalore – Symptoms of the Coronavirus
No wonder the term “SK virus” is heading. The virus, known as Novel Coronavirus or severe acute respiratory syndrome 2 (SARS-CoV-2), can cause COVID-19 disease. It is said to have originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December, and the disease is spreading slowly across the world, with more than 93,000 confirmed cases and 3,200 deaths since then. On Wednesday, March 4th, there are other searches related to the virus outbreaks are “Bangalore Coronavir Virus” and “Symptoms of Coronavirus.”

2. Bangladesh v. Zimbabwe – Ban v. Zim
The Zimbabwe tour continues in Bangladesh, and consists of one test match, the best international three-day series (ODI), and two international T20 games. Bangladesh easily hosts Zimbabwe in testing and first ODI. The second ODI was held yesterday, on March 3, and this time, the match was much closer, as the hosts won four runs. Search interests may be high thanks to fans who want to know the results and the next table. The next ODI match is slated for Friday, March 6, although Bangladesh has already won the ODI 2-0 series. Two international T20 players will be held on Monday 9 March and Wednesday 11 March.

3. Chelsea vs Liverpool
He faced football clubs Chelsea and Liverpool in the fifth round of the FA Cup on Tuesday, and it is clear that fans in India are interested in the results and outstanding results and post-match analysis, as the Chelsea issue against Liverpool is still heading here. Chelsea won the match 2-0, advancing in the quarter-finals. Willian Borges da Silva and Ross Barclay scored for Chelsea. The match was held at Stamford Bridge in Fulham, near Chelsea. Liverpool received 3 yellow cards in the match, compared to zero obtained by Chelsea. Liverpool is still on top of the Premier League.

4. JEE Home Registration
The registration process for the main JEE in April 2020 is currently open, but it will end on Friday, March 6.

5. Cryptocurrency – Supreme Court – Bitcoin
On Wednesday, the Supreme Court overturned the ban by the Reserve Bank of Australia, which prevented regulated financial institutions from facilitating banking transactions for the exchange of cryptocurrencies and traders.

6. India women versus England women
At the 2020 Women’s World Cup Finals at the Women’s World Cup (ICC), India is slated to take place in England on Thursday, 5 March. Before that date, search traffic rose, as fans would likely want to know the match time with other details.

6. Shraddha Kapoor
Her birthday Kapoor’s birthday was yesterday, March 3rd, and that’s probably why she is heading towards Google search in India.

7. Cleanser – N95 Mask – Corona Virus Mask – Surgical Mask
With attention about the Corona virus, it’s not surprising that relevant searches like sanitisers and face masks have turned.

8. Thailand – Nepal – Singapore – Hong Kong
Once again, the Asian Cricket Cup (ACC) Twenty20 Cup is heading, and is popularly searched for for Thailand’s match against Nepal, which took place today, with Nepal easily defeating Thailand. Singapore also held against Hong Kong today, and Singapore won 16 lbs.

9. WhatsApp dark mode
WhatsApp started publicly testing the dark mode by testing Android and iPhone beta earlier this year, and on Tuesday it officially started rolling out to all users.

10. Super Tuesday
Finally, Super Tuesday was a popular search in India today, election day in the US presidential election season. Don’t ask us why people in India care a lot about US elections, but there is.

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