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TikTok Parent ByteDance Launches Resso in India, a ‘Social’ Music Streaming Service

A few years ago, listening to music on a smartphone usually involved downloading tracks (legally and illegally). Since then, listening habits have changed, and many users now prefer music streaming services to access music. Services like JioSaavn, Gaana, Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music are already in India, and they cover a wide catalog of music tracks and genres. Resso, a new music streaming service from Chinese Internet technology company ByteDance, hopes to take a slice of the pie in India.

Although it works as a typical music streaming service in several ways, Resso has some advantages that help it stand out in a segment that’s already full of competitors. The service adds a social element to the music broadcast, providing users with an opportunity to interact with the track and other listeners in unique ways. Resso hopes these social features will help transform the listening experience from a passive to an active one.

Users can share “positive feedback” and try it – images or short videos visible in the background of the track interface. Videos can also be liked and commented on, and these comments will be visible to others who listen to the same track. Finally, users can also select and share lyric quotes, which can then be posted on other social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Lyrics are displayed on the screen for many of the tracks available on the platform, and users can read (or sing) while listening.


“Gen Z and millennials are at the heart of our shows, and both music and social networks are an essential component of their daily lives. Our goal is to encourage them as well as music listeners every day to express themselves in an interactive and engaging way. The relationship between Harry Nair, head of the music content division,” said And partnering at Resso India, “Music and Listener is Negative Now, with Vibes, Comments and Other Features, Resso aims to transform this through an engaging new music streaming experience.”

While the comments and social sharing of lyric bids are somewhat easy to understand, the concept of feelings is a different concept. Resso works to create positive feedback as a way for users to express themselves and share their own feelings about the path through photos, videos, or GIFs.

Another essential part of the experience is the ease of getting started. Resso’s interface is visually appealing from the start, and is designed to give you quick access to music. Depending on the artist and genre preferences at the time of setting up a Resso account, the service recommends “Daily Mix” which is the opening screen when the app starts. At this point, the user simply has to run the game to get started, and he can count on the playlist created by the entire system.

Going to the next or previous path depends on hitting up or down, while hitting left or right is browsing through positive path feedback. We tried Resso on an Android smartphone and found it interesting to grab the lock screen as well, as we display static words and icons on the screen.

It is also possible to browse specific genres or playlists, add favorite songs and search for specific tracks or artists. In short, it works just like Spotify and JioSaavn, but with a focus on ease of use, sharing and commenting. Hopefully make customization, discovery and sharing better with your music, rather than pressing the “play” button and leaving the music in the background.

The service has a strong classification for its catalog, with tracks arranged in different types and subtypes for easy discovery. In terms of catalog and track tracking, Resso has signed deals with major Indian and international brands like Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, T-Series, Saregama and Zee Music among others. Deals have also been concluded with various independent artists to make their tracks available on the platform.


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