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Galaxy Buds Pro review

Samsung's AirPods Pro-beating earbuds

Samsung’s latest Galaxy Buds Pro headphones add noise cancellation, virtual surround sound, and enhanced audio, making them a competitor to Apple’s AirPods Pro.

At £ 219, they’re Samsung’s best new headphones, priced at £ 179 Galaxy Buds Live and £ 159 Galaxy Buds +.

Buds Pro has silicone ear tips and an overall shape similar to Buds + but looks more like Buds Live. It is stored in a great, compact and square carrying case that easily fits in your jeans cash pocket.

The new earbuds are larger and heavier than the Buds + and they don’t twist to fit the contour of the ear in exactly the same way, they stick out a bit more, but are still small compared to the competition. They do a good job of avoiding stress on the delicate parts of the ear, which are held in place by the oval ear tips, of which there are three sizes in the box.

They were comfortable and stayed firmly in my ear, but you can tuck a small rim of the earpiece under the ear cartilage to hold it in place if necessary. The headphones are IPX7 water resistant, which means they can be submerged in water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes, making them one of the most waterproof headphones out there.
Buds Pro supports Bluetooth 5 technology with the global SBC and AAC audio standards used by most devices. But it also supports Samsung’s “Scalable Audio Codec” which can provide high quality audio but only works with Samsung devices. It is compatible with all standard Bluetooth devices and supports automatic pairing with Samsung and other Android devices via the Galaxy Wearable app, as well as Swift pairing with Windows 10 PCs. Unlike its predecessors, Buds Pro is not compatible with Galaxy Buds app on iPhone, so IOS users can use headphones but will not be able to change or update settings.

The headphones only connect to one device at a time, but support smooth switching (so you don’t have to manually disconnect) and a new automatic switching system that can be used with Samsung devices running OneUI 3.1 or higher, like the new one. Galaxy S21 series. Either headphone can be used on its own.

Connectivity to the Galaxy Z Fold 2, iPhone 12, MacBook Air M1, and other devices was excellent.

The exterior of the headset is sensitive to the touch. Click once to pause / play, twice and three times to skip a track. The touch and hold gesture can be configured to control volume (left down, right up) or to control noise cancellation settings, activate voice assistant, or play Spotify on compatible phones. Take out both headphones and the music will stop; Just grab one from outside and the ambient sound mode will activate the other. The controls work well with good auditory feedback.

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