Call of Duty: Mobile Losing Zombies Mode on March 25

Call of Duty: Mobile will dispose of its Zombies mode on March 25, as described in a community post on Reddit. The Call of Duty: Mobile team shared that the mode was always dedicated for a limited time. The company wanted to test the status of the Zombies and get feedback from the community, but the situation did not meet the standards the team expected. The post also states that Zombies mode may return to the second map, Nacht Der Untoten, if it meets the company’s quality standards.

The Call of Duty: Mobile team posted the news on Zombies mode with updates for their latest season called Disavowed. It states that fans often ask about the status of Zombies, which is one of the most common questions but the company has to remove the situation after “comprehensive evaluation”.

The team shared that Nacht Der Untoten, which was supposed to be the second zombie map, would not be released globally. This does not mean that Zombies mode will never be playable in Call of Duty: Mobile, “We may reset the mode, with Nacht Der Untoten, once we can be sure that it is high enough quality,” reads the post. The team is currently focusing on improving Battle Royale, Multiplayer and Ranking modes.

Reddit post also states that Hardpoint mode is always permanent, due to community comments and gameplay.

The fourth season of Call of Duty: Mobile is a very big update for the game, introducing new characters, a new map, skins and new weapons, along with a new skill skill called H.I.V.E. Free Battle Pass brings unlockable items like Brambles camo ASM10 and Combat Knife while Premium Pass gives players an opportunity to earn more rewards.



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