Ghost of Tsushima Launching on June 26 on PS4, New Story Trailer Reveals

Ghost of Tsushima, a third-person action adventure game from Sucker Punch Productions first exposed at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2018, got its release date. Sony shared a new trailer for the game, through a PlayStation YouTube account, which on June 26 revealed the game’s release date. PlayStation 4 will be exclusive and a little disappointing for PC and Xbox users. PlayStation website has also been updated with game details and is now available for pre-orders.

The trailer trailer highlights some of the gameplay mechanisms in Ghost of Tsushima, along with some parts of the story. Jin Sakai, who is referred to as “the spirit of revenge from the grave for the slaughter of the Mongols”, must use some unconventional methods to fight the oppressors, as well as deal with the internal conflict that compels him to fight according to his symbol as a samurai

There are five versions of the game: Collector’s Edition – $ 169.99 (about 12,500 rupees), Special Edition – $ 69.99 (about 5,100 rupees), Deluxe digital version – $ 69.99 (about 5,100 rupees), release version, And Standard Edition – $ 59.99 (approximately Rs 4,400). If you pre-order any of these, you’ll get Ghost of Tsushima Jin Avatar, digital mini music, and dynamic feature. Collector’s Mask edition will include Sakai Mask with Stand, Canvas Map, SteelBook Case, 48-page Mini Art Book for Dark Horse and many other items in addition to the game. Priced in. Other editions, except for the standard version, of Ghost of Tsushima also include some goodies besides the actual version of the game.

Ghost of Tsushima was set in feudal Japan in the 13th century and will play Jane Sakai, a samurai warrior who is one of the last surviving members of his clan. Jin embarked on a journey to restore his home and protect his people from the huge Mughal invasion fleet.



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