Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Released for PC as Part of the Master Chief Collection

Remo Combat Evolved Anniversary remaster for PC was launched as part of the Master Chief suite. It includes the original Halo campaign and allows players to switch between the improved version and the classic game graphics. It is available with Xbox Game Pass for PCs (beta), Steam and Windows 10. The recycled game will run at 60fps or higher, depending on your configuration, and includes support for 4K UHD. If you don’t own a Master Chief set, you can buy Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary from Rs. 674 in India at $ 9.99 (around 730 rupees) in the U.S. via Microsoft Store.

Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary comes with a variety of PC-centric customizations and features, according to an official Xbox blog post. Options such as variable frame rate, native mouse and keyboard support, button reset, and ultra-wide display support in remaster have also been added. Being a remaster, the texture and shade quality have improved significantly.

Halo Waypoint, the official website of Halo’s universe, also shared that 343 Industries has partnered with Saber Interactive to bring Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary back to life. They shared a list of features in the release including a new customizable 3D Spartan 3D viewer, and the ability to switch between Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary and Halo Combat Evolved Classic audio for multiplayer. They have also detailed a list of enhancements and fixes made to the Master Chief suite which include push-to-talk voice chat, updated zoom controls, updated crouch / movement mechanics for keyboard + mouse users, among other changes.

Master Chief’s set, as the name suggests, is a set of Halo games that have hitherto housed Halo: Reach. Now, Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary will be added to it and according to the Xbox team, all Halo games up to Halo 4 will be added to the set. Therefore, if you own a Master Chief group, you will not need to purchase Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary. If you do not own the set, it is available on Microsoft and Steam store at Rs. 2,699 in India and at $ 39.99 (around 2,900 rupees) in the U.S.
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