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HomePod adds another default music service but not the one everyone wants

Deezer brings HiFi music streaming to HomePod and Siri.

With rumors spreading that Apple is looking to launch a new HiFi category for Apple Music, Deezer subscribers will be able to stream high-resolution tracks to their HomePod or HomePod mini using just their voice.

Deezer announced that all paying subscribers will be able to choose Deezer as the default music service for the HomePod and have Siri play individual tracks and playlists and “a set of easy-to-remember commands” including Deezer’s trademark “Flow” audio track. You will also be able to like, dislike, repeat and randomize the songs.

Here’s how to set Deezer as the default music service on the HomePod.

Open the Deezer app.
Click on the gear icon to open the settings.
Click Connect with HomePod.
Open the Home app.
Tap on the home icon and select Home Settings.
Choose your name under People.
Click Default Service under Media.
Select Deezer.
You will now be able to ask Siri to play a song or artist and it will play through the Deezer app. If you pay for Deezer HiFI ($15 per month), you’ll enjoy high-quality sound. It is rumored that Apple will be ready to release a version of Apple Music that supports HD streaming, likely as soon as this month.



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