Google Home Smart Speaker Bluetooth Connectivity Issue Finally Acknowledged

If you own a smart speaker on Google Home and you often connect it to your smartphone or tablet to play music, you may notice a Bluetooth connection issue that causes the device to disconnect repeatedly. It’s a problem we have also encountered, and we go through many forum posts and Twitter threads complaining about the issue, as it’s fairly widespread. However, there is hope for Google Home owners around the world, as Google finally acknowledged the issue and is said to be working on the issue as well.

Android police monitored Google’s responses to a complaint on Twitter and posted a forum, the first appropriate admission of a long-standing issue with the Google Home and Google Nest series of smart headphones. Google has stated in responses that it is aware of the issue and is working on a solution, although it can be said that the responses are too late and that the “solution” should now be found.

When paired and connected to a Bluetooth device such as a smartphone, the Google Home device initially works properly to play music. Many complaints (and our personal experience) indicate that the speaker is disconnecting from the Bluetooth device on its own after a few minutes of working properly. This is annoying, since Bluetooth connectivity is a major function of any speaker, smart or otherwise.

Smart speakers such as Google Home are not widely described as Bluetooth speakers because they rely on a Wi-Fi connection to stream music directly from online services, or allow audible sound from compatible devices. However, Bluetooth audio connection is a widely used feature, especially when you have music stored on a device or want to rely on certain music streaming services or playlists that may not be fetched via voice commands.

All of this, it’s welcome that Google has finally accepted that this is a problem, especially since I’ve been reporting it on many complaints for over a year now. Although there is no fixed timetable for when the reform will appear, we hope to see this reform in the coming months.


Farhad Khan

Farhad Khan is energetic and young blood from Peshawar. He is BScs graduated from the IIUI. He is passionate about Mobile / Gadget Apps. He loved to work on innovative and creative ideas.

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