Summer Special: Smoked Masala Chaas Is A Must-Try This Season – Recipe Inside

The sudden rise in temperatures made us wonder if summer had arrived. While we still have a few days to turn our air conditioners on, our diet is seeing a shift from rich and fatty foods to light, comforting foods. We have already started stocking juices, drinks and other fresh foods in our pantry and refrigerator. Come summer and drink gallons of water and other beverages and drinks to keep us cool and prevent dehydration; Chase is a popular drink for everyone. Also called buttermilk, we are all aware of the popularity of chaas. It is a drink containing yogurt, unlike lassi, it is salty, spicy and light on the stomach. In fact, it is one of those drinks that is widely available in almost all regional kitchens, with some basic differences. In southern India, it is called neer mor, while in Bengal, it is known as ghol. We can also see different variations of chaas recipe. You can add any kind of herbs, fruits and vegetables besides dahi, water and masala. We love adding cucumber, mint, louki, curry leaves, and more to our gauze recipe.
But have you ever heard of smoked chas? Looks great, doesn’t it? It’s basically a simple chas masala, with a bit of smoke. Whether it’s a Chase pudding or a Chase Cucumber, you can re-create this recipe with any Chase of your choice. Here we bring you the simplest smoked chas masala recipe

Summer Diet Tips: How To Make Smoked Masala Chaas:

Let’s start with how to make masala chas. For this classic drink, we need curd, coriander leaves, pepper, salt, black salt, water, and chaat masala. Take the yogurt, chopped coriander leaves, chopped green chili peppers, salt, black salt, chaat masala and enough water in a blender and mix everything into a smooth and fine drink. And a cup of masala chas is ready to enjoy.

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