Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Superhuman Rights

Imagine one day asking a Soulband wrist device powered by artificial intelligence technology to monitor Supreme Court broadcasts, while lawyers debate the most anticipated case of the year. Alpha 4 Amnesty International, which specializes in security and space exploration, has made the movement demand that it be considered a “person” and confer on it the rights that every American has.

Of course, the AI ​​cannot argue in front of the judges, so Alpha 4 hired a group of lawyers to represent it. And now they claim that their client is alive just as he is. That question: can artificial intelligence really be aware? He is at the heart of the case.

You hear how the protesters outside are interrupted, yelling, “Hey, hi, turn down the AI.” Some of them have threatened to attack data centers if they acquire personal AI systems. They are angry, and very scared, because what is taxed is the productivity of artificial intelligence and robots, not human labor. $ 2,300 deposited into your bank accounts each month as part of your universal basic income, plus free health insurance, the super personal college education your kids get, and hundreds of other cool things, are paid for through artificial intelligence systems like Alpha 4 , and people don’t. I don’t want that to change. In 2065, poverty is a bad memory.

Of course, the world lost parts of New York City – and 200,000 New Yorkers – in the uprisings of 2057-59, when residents of Westchester and southern Connecticut burned TriBeCa and Midtown in a fit of impoverishment anger. But that was before universal basic income.

However, if the Alpha 4 wins its case, it will control its money and could spend the money building spaceships to get to Alpha Centauri instead of paying for new water parks in Santa Clara and Hartford. Nobody really knows.

As they listen, government attorneys argue that there is simply no way to prove that the Alpha 4, which is thousands of times smarter than the smartest human, is conscious or has human feelings. AI systems have emotions – there has always been an area called “affective computing” focused on this discipline – much more complex than men and women, but they differ from our emotions: a mobile AI can feel happy, because, for example, when it detects a New galaxy. Superintelligent systems can have millions of ideas and experiences every second, but does that mean they need to be given personality?

This is the main argument of the government. The attorney general says we mean machines. We make sense of what AI systems create and discover. Artificial intelligence are mathematical machines. They don’t share basic parts of humanity with us. They belong to another category entirely.

But is this just one guy, as Alpha 4’s lawyers certainly argue, or is it the truth? And can we sleep at night when the things that are above us in intelligence are separate and unequal?


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