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WWDC 2021 preview: iOS 15, macOS 12, Macs, and much more

Apple's developer conference is just a few days away.

Apple’s week-long annual developer conference kicks off June 7 with a keynote at 10 AM PT. As it was last year, due to COVID-19, the event will be default this year. If you want to watch live, there are several methods you can find here.

Most of the major news and announcements that affect regular users will be explained in the keynote and it should be a great show. Apple is always showing off the features of recent operating systems at the event, but they often release (or announce) new hardware as well. Here’s all the things we can expect to see at WWDC 21.

iOS 15 and iPadOS 15
Apple’s most important product is iOS. It works on more than a billion iPhones, and brings new capabilities to more users and developers each year than anything else Apple makes. Changes in iOS policies could transform entire industries – just take a look at what’s happening with app tracking transparency.

While Apple now talks about iOS and iPadOS as two separate entities, they are still very similar and follow the same path so much, that we group them together. iPadOS gets most of the features that iOS gets. We never know exactly what to expect from these updates until Apple is on stage, but we’ve heard some rumors. Apple is said to turn notifications back on the lock screen to give users more control and handle alerts in different ways depending on your activity. Messages are rumored to get more features (as it usually is), and we might see food tracking as part of the Fitness app.

Apple is said to be introducing some new home screen changes specifically for iPadOS, where you’ll be able to place widgets anywhere on the home screen, even replacing all the app icons if you want to. We hope to see some major iPadOS features and improvements to take advantage of the M1 processor in the iPad Pro.

Apple has already announced a bunch of accessibility features, many of which will be part of iOS 15, macOS 12, and watchOS 8.

Advanced Mac mini with M1X
Apple has already updated the Mac mini with the M1 processor, but it’s still selling the more expensive Intel-based model as well. A new rumor points to the imminent release of a newly redesigned Mac mini with the same M1X processor used in the rumored MacBook Pros. In addition to this new, much faster system on the chip, the new Mac mini is said to be even smaller with a sort of “plexiglass” top, and will have additional Thunderbolt/USB4 ports. It may also use the same magnetic power connector found in the new 24-inch iMac.


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